Saturday, March 26, 2011

Under the Rainbow


From the catwalk at Baked Alaska, downtown Astoria, 3/25

ISO 100, 1/30 second at f/8, handheld. 70-300mm G @ 70mm


Elena Nilaver said...

I love this one! Scott I met you at Jim Bertrand's birthday party, that day you was talking about some hummingbird pictures, do you have them in this blog?

NWWanderer said...

Hi Elena!
I remember you from a couple of get-togethers with Jim and Susan!
The hummingbird photos aren't on this blog, but if you click on the "More photos than I know what to do with" link to the right, you'll find some scattered around in there... and photos from the last party, too!

Elena Nilaver said...

Scott, I am mesmerized with your photographs and the whole blog, they are incredible. I am glad Susan told me where I could find you and take a look at your pictures. It's difficult to decide which ones I like more, but probably I will say the 2009-06-09 group, the 2-16-2009, and picture 12/15 of Early Sunday will be my choices, and of course "Under the Rainbow". Thank you for sharing your art!

NWWanderer said...

Thank you for the kind words, Elena. There are other "non-shipping" blog entires here:
I haven't been that active on Blogspot lately, but you never know when that might change.

From Junipers to Harborage said...

This photo as with all of your shots is amazing. Also thought I saw one of your photos at a recent Portland concert announcement. Looked like your great work, but I do not recall the artist it was a few weeks ago.

Elena Nilaver said...

A year later, still one of my favorites! And now that I noticed that you shot it on a day that is very meaningful to me, I like it even more.

E.Illescas said...

Revisiting your blogs...Finding them as interesting as ever. Nice, interesting and informative writing style in addition to great photos.