Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bumping Around in The Dark

After years of waiting, my new camera arrived yesterday.  I spent most of yesterday getting it set up for the way that I plan to use it and finally set out for some serious experimentation this evening.

Having a full moon rising as the sun slipped over the horizon was a very welcome coincidence.

From the Cannery Pier Hotel parking lot/pier. ISO 800. 70-300 “G” at 230 mm actual, 1/30 @ f/9.5.  Why that combo?  I don’t know except to say that I’m trying hard to learn to NOT accidentally change the settings by the control wheels.


I’m very pleased with this.  No messing around in post-processing except to remove a spot of flare from the moon.  The A100 just could not have handled this kind of dynamic range without significant post work.  I spent more time selecting the image than I did getting it prepped for the web.

ISO 100, 10 seconds @ f/5.6, 16-50 mm zoom at 22mm, tripod mounted. Developed in ACR, no crop.

Shimanami Queen

ISO 160, 4 seconds @ f/5.6, 16-50 mm zoom at 35mm (effectively a “normal” lens shot).  Developed in ACR, no crop.

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Elena Nilaver said...

@ the photo from the Cannery Pier Hotel: The blues, the moon, peace and beauty, all of them elements that I like and value very much. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy them together in a wonderful composition!