Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Under the Gateway


I don’t know what the wind-chill was under the bridge, but I know I wasn’t dressed properly for it.  I did, however, have the pair of “glittens” that my Mom gave me a couple of years ago, and was very glad for them!  Even so, my fingertips were suffering for quite some time after getting out of the wind.

For those unfamiliar with the sight, this is the underside of the Astoria-Megler bridge, shot at 21:50 tonight.  I note the time specifically because I was surprised at the amount of light still shows up near the horizon when looking due north at this hour in December.

A77, ISO 100. 16-50mm zoom, 16mm.  90 seconds @ f/8.


Anonymous said...

Sell shots like these as wall posters. You could make a mint! gg

NWWanderer said...

Next clear night that I can, I plan to re-shoot this using the information that I gained from December's attempt.

Still some improvements to be made on this.