Monday, January 23, 2012

Blue Monday

Not in the Vonnegut sort of way… I mean literally.  The “blue hour” was really living up to its hue today.

After days of wind, rain and general gloom, today was mostly calm, sometimes sunny, though never warm.

Leaving the office late today, I was surprised both by the amount of light remaining in the sky and the overall hue… blue was the filter that fell on everything.

Genco Wisdom

The window of calm unleashed a torrent of outbound ships this afternoon.  I had just missed the tanker that I’d hoped to catch when I realized that the Genco Wisdom, outbound for Kobe, was just clearing the Astoria-Megler bridge. 

I had just enough time to scramble (call it “falling without hitting the ground”) to the waterline and set up. 

What struck me about the evening was the stillness that made both water and sky formless.  They were definitely there, but one could barely see them. 

ISO 200, 1/5 second @ f/5.6, tripod mounted.

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Anonymous said...

Really cool! SEB