Thursday, June 20, 2013

The New Normal

After nearly a year, the 17th Street dock is open again.  It was basically torn down to the bottom and reassembled in place.  The footprint isn’t changed much, but the feel definitely is. 

The previous iteration was decked with weathered timbers.  I never had any doubt about their soundness, but there was always a bit of an “at sea” feel when walking out there. 

That’s most assuredly not the case now.  The deck is solid, unyielding concrete.  Nothing moves.


The lightship Columbia is back in place, though her original replacement, a light buoy, is not yet, hence the uncluttered shot!

The Dock Deck

The cutter Alert, the lightship Columbia and the Queen of the West were all cooperative subjects.

Looking West

Maybe one day the shrouds draped over the sections of the Astoria-Megler Bridge will help identify the time span that they were taken in, but for me, they’re just an eyesore.


My luck was holding.  The bulker Global Saikai was on her way toward the bar as I was checking out the new dock.  The Connor Foss was already alongside before I could get the long zoom out.


This isn’t it, but I’m still trying for the perfect pilot transfer shot or sequence.  Clicking on the image will allow you to see more detail, but it still looks like “just” climbing down a ladder.  I’m fairly certain that that’s not what it feels like!

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