Friday, January 29, 2010

It’s not an obsession…

…more like a game.  Shoot this ship whenever it’s in town.  The Sammi Crystal (yawn) shows up again.

Last time was shortly before Christmas, heading outbound in the fog when Andrea and the kids were visiting.  Just over a month later, here it is again.  This old beast must be wearing ruts in the Pacific by now.


This is a crop.  I figured I’d get better results with a small portion of an image from the 105 than I would with an accurately composed shot with the old Minolta zoom. 

Casual observers might think that ships riding at anchor are sitting still in the water.  They’re not!  My first attempts at this shot had the shutter gaping open for 30 seconds, and it’s really disappointing to see that “perfect” alignment of rigging shift and sway visibly between the first slap of the mirror and the last “snick” of the shutter curtain.

Oh, yeah… did I mention that the anchorage looks especially full tonight?

ISO 200, 3.2 seconds @ f/8. (tripod mounted)

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