Saturday, January 2, 2010

One That's Getting Away

It happens all the time, but I never like it.

Weather and light are conspiring right now to create a photograph that I can't possibly get to in time to record it..

Earlier in the day, I was preparing to walk out to the railroad right of way and await the failing of the light on the river.  The tripod was packed, lenses cleaned, all was ready... and then the rain squalls moved in in earnest.

So I started in on laundry instead.

Walking back into the living room and looking out just now I realized that the light I was hoping for was there now and would not be in the fifteen minutes that it would take me to run out there and set up the gear.

Overall, it probably would have been a good day to camp out (literally, to avoid being soaked to the bone) and record the range of weather that we can get here in a day.

But you only know these things in hindsight.


Anonymous said...


I am Jerry Donnelly. One of the Captains on board the S/V Hickson.

I enjoy your blog and comments.

The Hickson has been plowing the lower Columbia River since 1968 and is due to be replaced by a new vessel in early May of this year.

We are home-ported here in Astoria at the East Basin. (The berth most N.Easterly on the chart).

Some days we have short runs and invite the public to take a ride while we survey and chart the current lower river depths.

NWWanderer said...

Thanks for visiting! I know the Hickson by sight, but didn't know what its mission is.

If you ever want to take on another civilian as a ride-along, let me know!