Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Pleasure Cruise?

Well, it was probably intended to be so.  And, given the accommodations, it likely will be.  Just not an especially scenic one. 
The Remember When was an anomaly on the ship schedule today.  It’s not all that common for a pleasure craft to require a pilot’s services on the bar.
I started tracking the yacht as it passed Westport on its way downriver.  Its shape morphed out of the murk near Tongue Point just a couple of minutes after the Arrow 2 joined the bar pilot boat Columbia in pointing  their bows upstream.
It’s worth noting that on this first of June it’s been raining soft, incessant buckets.  What we’re dealing with here is not fog but pure, soaking precipitation.  There are hundreds of gallons of water between the lens and subject.  It can make whole states disappear.
The two craft never did go alongside each other for as long as I could see them. 

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Seraffyn said...

I enjoyed the photos taken in the rain. Pretty.