Monday, June 14, 2010

Yes, there really is an app for that…

It’s great to be able to search the web while on the run, but some sites just don’t lend themselves well to mobile (as in smartphone) computing. is one of those.  As much as I enjoy the site and can get easily sucked into looking at ship traffic and photos from around the world, it’s just hard to manage well on a very small screen.  I thought perhaps that the Greek authors of the site had come up with an app of their own, but I didn’t find one on the site itself.

The Apple AppStore came to the rescue, though.  A company called Pinkfroot offers two versions of “ShipFinder”, one free and one “slightly less” free.  At $4.99, it’s not a bad deal, as the free version only updates twice a day.

A couple of screenshots from this evening:

IMG_0071 IMG_0072

The bulker Kumano Lily is passing by the Astoria waterfront with the Arrow 2 alongside.  Three minutes later, the Arrow 2 makes its sharp turn away from the ship and heads for the dock.

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Seraffyn said...

Wow! Pretty accurate tracking. Very impressive visually.