Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Hope It’s Not a Bad Thing

I hadn’t noticed the Arrow 2 sitting high and dry prior to Monday, and even that was pretty much an accident.

Yes, if you know where to look for her, you can see her as you slip down off the lift span, heading east on the “new” Youngs Bay Bridge, but unless you’re a passenger, you should be paying more attention to the road.

But, there she is.  After 50 years of service, and after becoming (very probably) one of the most-photographed working boats on the planet, she’s perched on spindly blue stilts, awaiting her fate.


After all of these years of watching her and photographing her, Monday was the first time that I ever touched her.  Not knowing what her future holds, I was glad I got the chance.

She has a tremendous following.  I have very high hopes that she’ll end up on a more glorious perch somewhere nearby in years to come. 

For the time being, though, it’s rather sad to see this rugged workhorse out of her element with no clear future ahead of her.


Annie from Oregon said...

I agree totally. It breaks my heart to think this graceful, faithful lady is 'unwanted' apparently. I relocated to Astoria at the end of 2011 and, for the year she had left, I watched her dance over the waves and zip right up to ships; she didn't hesitate at any size, she was smooth, and as accurate as...well, as an arrow. She was intrepid. She was lovely.

And now her situation is heart-wrenching. How can Peacock be honored for service but not Arrow 2?? Not the Museum, not the City? Sadly,I know of no one interested in preserving her and giving her the respect and place she earned and deserves.

I honor her and I watched her for only one year.

Anonymous said...

She will live on!!!