Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Opposite of Stealth

The Rose Festival fleet is starting to drift inland and the USS Dewey is tied up in all of her haze-gray splendor where cruise ships normally dock.  That class of destroyer is all angles and shades of gray… the better to deflect radar and confuse visual cues.

Contrast that concept to this:


The Tai Shan was cruising outbound a couple of hours after I observed the squids in dress whites ambling up Commercial.  This ship is whatever the Dewey isn’t.  It’s slow (by comparison), big, bright… just flippin’ obvious to any type of sensor known to man, including the Mark 1, Mod 1 Eyeball.  Damn… I could see this without my glasses on!  This baby just jumps out and says “I’m here!”

And, to the enlisted guys wandering around downtown (and probably looking for Annie’s), I feel for you… dress whites really suck.  They look the same and probably feel the same as they did 25 years ago when I was wearing ‘em, and I sympathize.  I would rather have worn dress blues in all of their woolen splendor in 90 degree sun than suffer the indignity of those crappy, impossible-to-keep-clean polyester clown-suits.

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