Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Orange Seems To Be Very Popular These Days

Not every ship heading for the mouth of the Columbia is orange.  But nearly every time I get a chance to see another outbounder underway recently, it’s orange!

The Global Wisdom isn’t particularly unusual.  A Handy-size bulker with her holds filled beyond overflowing with logs.  But ships and cargos like these always catch my eye.  There’s just no keeping those contents secret… it’s another zillion board-feet of timber heading for somewhere in Asia, Japan in this case.

Maybe some of this wood will end up in the rebuilding effort after last years’ earthquake.

Global Wisdom

I don’t photograph every vessel that drifts past my front porch, but a big orange stick-ship loaded with massive sticks?  Yeah, I’ll take a few minutes to grab that.

A77, 70-300G.  ISO 200, 180mm, 1/400 @ f/7.1

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bowsprite said...

and thank you that you did! Orange is my favorite color, particularly on a ship with sticks!